Industry dynamics
The tube plate protection process
1, tools and equipment: sandblasting equipment, protective canvas or plastic, cork, alcohol or acetone, scraper, screw, garbage bags, electric drill, power, rubber gloves, helmets, goggles, cloth, brush.
2, step
The first step: open the condenser end cap
Use the hair dryer and drying blower tube surface and the inside of the water, and then corked the nozzle and blocking the flanging, to ensure no damage when sandblasting nozzle.
The second step: sand blasting in blasting treatment with canvas and other shelter, to avoid spray sand dirty other equipment. The use of quartz sand or sand blasting, it can produce 4 mil surface and no more dust, always hit the color of the metal substrate. After the blast the cork out.
The third step: cleaning with acetone solution: the surface of the metal impurities and oil cleaning.
The fourth step: paint material: first with polymer repair materials of metal materials to fill the pit wall plate part of the condenser tube, in order to avoid the work of water vortex, until the meet the requirements for the quasi plane. Then the polymer fluid protection material evenly throughout the repaired surface. Pay particular attention to the joint panel and the pipe, in order to achieve the purpose of sealing and plugging.
The fifth step: curing: curing materials in accordance with the requirements of curing, curing can be put into production after the operation