Hongyi advocates truth, innovation and inclusiveness

1. "Hongyi"

"The Analects of Confucius" says that "a scholar must be resolute, with heavy responsibilities and a long way to go.". It means ambition, determination and perseverance. Xinlian people always uphold this kind of "perseverance" and never give up.

2. "Chongshi"

As the ancients said, "if you are empty, you will know the true.". It means identifying only the real and actual situation. "Advocating reality" is the embodiment of Shenyang Xinlian's "pragmatic" spirit and "honest" attitude. In the process of development, Shenyang Xinlian is introverted but not publicized, down-to-earth and puts its main energy on management.

3. "Innovation"

It is the consensus of Xinlian people to seek innovation, change, self-improvement and adhere to the road of independent innovation. In the book of changes: "heaven is healthy, and a gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement". It means that people should follow the example of heaven and keep forging ahead and never stop. The road of Xinlian is the process that Xinlian people constantly surpass themselves and achieve their dreams from one starting point to another.

4. "Inclusiveness".

"Tolerance makes great" and "harmony makes all strong". Tolerance has always been the deepest humanistic spirit in Xinlian's corporate culture, which is embodied in its openness, compatibility, learning from others' strengths and daring to be the first. This is also the main experience of Xinlian's establishment, development and expansion.

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