[insulated joint] the manufacturer shall check the sealing of the joint
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The sealing system of insulated joint is composed of a symmetrical U-shaped sealing ring with two sides. It is closely assembled with the rigid insulating ring inside the insulating joint, and is also firmly squeezed in the pre reserved space between the left and right flanges, so as to achieve the best sealing effect. This sealing system is specially designed for the production of insulating joints, and is also specially designed for the production of insulating joints This sealing technology for insulated joints is often referred to as dsgs, double gasket system.
Advantages of double gasket system for insulated joints:
Without precise surface finishing or special mechanical tolerance, this system can act on two symmetrical forging surfaces and metal insulation gasket at the same time, and all parts work together to complete the sealing work.
The sealing parts with large cross-sectional area can withstand a series of structural deformation caused by pressure. Due to the large cross-sectional area of sealing ring, the liquid must pass through a considerable distance before side leakage.
For this sealing system, all insulation pads are completely wrapped and will not deform under sudden pressure drop.
With the increase of pipeline system pressure, the sealing system will produce a balanced reverse force to ensure the force balance of the sealing system, and the pressure cycle will not affect the sealing system.

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