The function and significance of integral insulation joint
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In view of the significance of the role of integral insulated joints, we have consulted a lot of materials on September 8, 2015 17:01:52, and have our own unique opinions on the significance of the role of integral insulated joints based on our years of production experience in insulating flange | insulated joints. The function of integral insulation joint buried steel oil, gas and water pipelines are often damaged by corrosion, which not only reduces the service life, but also causes accidents in serious cases. The effective measure to prevent corrosion of buried pipeline is to adopt cathodic protection technology. In the cathodic protection project, it is required to cut off the electrical connection between the protected pipeline and some devices, equipment and branches connected with it, so as to avoid the leakage of cathodic protection current to the connected parts that do not need to be protected. To ensure the success of cathodic protection technology. In the past, insulated flange was used to realize this kind of electrical isolation connection. However, it is difficult to meet the requirements of clean and no moisture in the installation of insulation flange on the construction site. The insulation of flange bolts is often unreliable. It has been proved that many insulated flanges only have short-term insulation guarantee. Due to the failure of insulating flange, the well-designed and well constructed cathodic protection system often fails, resulting in leakage of electricity or liquid, and then pay a high maintenance cost. In addition, the installation of insulated flange often requires auxiliary structure -- flange well, so as to increase land occupation and additional cost.
The above is my factory on the significance of the role of integrated insulation joints, if you have different views, welcome to discuss
The customer should provide data to the manufacturer when purchasing, and the manufacturer can design and produce it to ensure the service life or quality. Insulated joint and insulating flange are special pipeline equipment. Qualified manufacturers or famous brand products should be selected when purchasing to avoid accidents.

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