Tube sheet protection operation process
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1. Tools and equipment: sandblasting equipment, protective canvas or plastic cloth, cork, alcohol or acetone, scraper, auger, garbage bag, electric hand drill, working power supply, rubber gloves, safety helmet, protective glasses, wiping cloth and brush.
2. Steps
Step 1: open the condenser end cover
Use a blower and blower to dry the water on the surface and inside of the pipe, and then plug the pipe orifice with a cork and cover the flanging to ensure that the nozzle is not damaged during sandblasting.
The second step is to use other sandblasting equipment to prevent sand particles from being smeared. When sandblasting, use quartz sand or carborundum, which can produce a surface of 4 mils without more dust. It is necessary to keep the original color of the base metal. Remove the cork after sandblasting.
Step 3: solution cleaning: use acetone to clean the impurities and oil stains on the metal surface.
Step 4: daub the material: first, fill the pit on the inner wall of condenser tube plate with polymer repair material and metal repair material, so as to avoid eddy current generated by water during working until it reaches the required plane. Then the polymer fluid protection material is evenly applied to the whole repaired surface. Pay special attention to the joint of panel and pipe to achieve the purpose of sealing and plugging.
Step 5: curing: according to the curing requirements of the material, the curing can be put into production

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