China's new energy consumption
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In the western region of China, more and more light and wind are converted into electric energy, and at the same time, problems such as consumption, external transmission and peak shaving are brought about. At present, a project named "complementary coordinated dispatching and control of multi energy power systems" has been completed in Qinghai, aiming at breaking the bottleneck of China's new energy consumption. The implementation of the project is of great significance to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of Qinghai and even China's new energy power generation industry and ensuring national energy security, the State Grid of China Qinghai electric power company said on the 21st. Song Rui, director of power grid technology center of Electric Power Research Institute of Qinghai Electric Power Company of China State Grid, introduced that the project takes advantage of the space-time complementary characteristics of different energy resources in energy and power, through coordinated planning, dispatching and control of multi energy power system, it improves the operation flexibility of power system and excavates the space for renewable energy consumption. Qinghai is rich in hydropower resources, solar energy and wind energy resources. It has 100000 square kilometers of desertified land that can be used for photovoltaic power generation and wind farm construction. At present, Qinghai has become the most concentrated area of large-scale grid connection of photovoltaic power stations in the world. In February 2018, China officially approved that Qinghai should build a national clean energy demonstration province.

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